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29.07.2005 - Douglas H. Williams. PDA Robotics
Using Your Personal Digital Assistant to Control Your Robot

The NASA Mars Sojourner rover inspired this project (http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/MPF/index1.html). I followed the mission with great enthusiasm and witnessed a giant leap in robotics that day it began roaming the Martian terrain and sending images back to earth.

27.07.2005 - Paul E. Sandin. Robot Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Illustrated
This book is meant to be interesting, helpful, and educational to hobbyists, students, educators, and midlevel engineers studying or designing mobile robots that do real work. It is primarily focused on mechanisms and devices that relate to vehicles that move around by themselves and actually do things autonomously, i.e. a robot. Making a vehicle that can autonomously drive around, both indoors and out, seems, at first, like a simple thing. Build a chassis, add drive wheels, steering wheels, a power source (usually batteries), some control code that includes some navigation and obstacle avoidance routines or some other way to control it, throw some bump sensors on it, and presto! a robot.
26.07.2005 - John Iovine. PIC Robotics
A Beginner’s Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PICmicro

This is a project book on building small robots. Each robot utilizes the PICmicro series of microcontrollers from Microchip Technologies Inc. for intelligence, navigation, motor control, and sensory readings. By changing the microcontroller programming and sensory electronics we can create a zoo of robots that includes photovores, behaviorbased (neural) robots, hexapod and bipedal walkers, and artificial vision systems that can track and follow objects.
Each robot project has something to teach.

21.07.2005 - Pete Miles, Tom Carroll. Build Your Own Combat Robot
Some kids spend their free time playing sports. I spend mine building robots. You may think that this is not a typical hobby for a teenaged girl, and you’re right. I am part of a rapidly-growing community of combat robot builders from all across the U.S., of all ages, and I’m not exactly new to the sport, either. I was at Fort Mason San Francisco in 1994 watching the first robotic combat competition, Robot Wars. I saw my dad win match after match with his flimsy, garage-built aluminum contraption, and beyond all reason of my then seven-year-old brain, I was inspired.
15.07.2005 - Fred Martin. The 6.270 Robot Builder
These notes were first written for the students of an experimental class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the LEGO Robot Design Competition. They were compiled into the current book form and distributed to the students of the 1992 class. This second version of the Robot Builder's Guide contains some minor corrections and reorganization from the first edition, intended to make the work more suitable for perusal by both robotic enthusiasts and teachers interested in robot design as an educational activity. Appendix A of this edition explains the organization of the month-long course and also contains the 1992 contest specification. If the reader is interested in either of these two topics, it may be worthwhile to scan through this section first.
15.09.2004 - Эрл Хант. Искусственный интеллект
Раздел 1.6. Роботика. Очень важный в концептуальном плане материал: здесь определяется два основных подхода к созданию роботов, условно названные "коммерческим" и "научным".

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